NAT'ORGANICO is the result of a long-lasting cooperation between various actors of several supply chains. They are all aware of the collective and durable benefits that ensue from an environment-friendly mode of production and work without causing any damage to the ecological and cultural heritage of Amazonia and Brazil. These various partners work in unison in a tranparent way and provide a source of information on the Amazonian and Brazilian plants as well as different options for the importation and distribution of the products. 

Associations of producers, cooperatives or farmers represent the fundamental basis of this work.The various projects and supply chains are detailed in the previous section THE PROJECTS.

The products -processed or not- are received in Fortaleza by NAT'ORGANICO who, depending on the supply chains and the destination, perform quality tests, convert and wrap the products. Then, the products are exported.

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Our various international partners import products that are distributed thoughout the world. We regularly take part in different types of international exhibitions in South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East to get in contact with new partners who are concerned with the environmental and human conditions in which their products are made.

In Europe, RDV Productions imports the products for various distributors and manufacturers and realises the promotion of the products and projects through audiovisual channels of media communication.



Information and Communication about the different projects are of key importance in the initiative because it makes the public and the consumers sensitive to responsible behaviour in terms of consomption. To this end, we produce informative videos, films and documentaries with the help of our partners specialised in « communication ». We can realise and produce videos and institutional photographs made to measure for our partners.